How to choose outstanding toilet kinds that fit your needs?

When building a bathroom, one piece of sanitary equipment that is absolutely necessary is the toilet. Nevertheless, a lot of consumers don’t care to research a product before buying it. This frequently has a variety of negative effects, including low-quality products that are difficult to use and are quickly broken. Having recognized this issue, DeMuhler will share with everyone some simple tips for selecting a toilet in the piece that follows.

5 popular types of toilets

1, One Piece Toilets

The toilets of today are one-piece designs. This product line frequently uses a variety of cutting-edge technical innovations, effective anti-fouling, and stain-reducing bacteria to keep toilet bowls smooth and simple to clean.

The dual flushing technology used in new models, which only uses 3.4L to 4.8L of water and can be rinsed and rinsed multiple times to save water, is another innovation.

Model lines that are well-suited for layout in upscale, contemporary restrooms.

2, Two Pieces Toilets

Traditional and widely used toilets come in two pieces. The water tank for this toilet style often holds more water than the One Piece Toilets model since it has a separate toilet and seat. Parts can be changed more easily than with the One-Piece kind.

Two piece toilets are always less expensive than one piece toilets, thus local users favor them more frequently.

3, Wall Hung Toilets

Because of their monolithic construction and lack of corners, Wall Hung Toilets are very simple and practical to clean. In addition, the wall-hung toilet offers anti-adhesion, anti-bacterial, water-saving, and smooth lid closure and flushing functions.

However, because this brand of restrooms is extremely pricey, not everyone is willing to use it.

4, squatting toilets

Due to its inconvenience, individuals frequently choose this outdated toilet model. People will have to squat with their legs when using the restroom as opposed to sitting on the toilet. It is much more troublesome because they lack a separate drainage system that needs to be installed. Squatting toilets, on the other hand, are typically relatively inexpensive, hence they are mainly put in public restroom facilities.

5, Washlet

Washlet is also called smart toilets. Due to their abilities, they are divided into few types of washlets:

  • Smart toilets: There is no requirement for a drain adjacent to the toilet, therefore it can be installed anywhere.
  • Electronic toilet: Users won’t need to push a button or pull a lever to flush; all water discharge will happen automatically, eliminating any worry about forgetting.
  • Small size and brilliant design  toilets will be the great solution to bring back the convenience in bathroom spaces, such as: wall hung toilet, wall hung water tank or inside-the-wall toilets.
  • Toilet without water tank: To draw the water from above, directly from the big tank, this style of toilet has a bigger pipe than other types of toilets. Although it lacks an electric pump and is physically constructed, this modern toilet will require a lot of water to provide a powerful flushing pressure that will force waste down the pipe.
  • toilets that use less water while yet providing the finest cleaning results are modern toilets with technology applications.

Pieces of advice for the selection of toilets

1. Toilet size

Bathroom layouts differ from family to family, so before selecting a toilet model, make sure to measure the space’s width, depth, and height in relation to the tub measurements. Which is the best option?

At 17 to 19 inches, modern toilet types are at their most comfortable. The most comfortable option, it should be mentioned, is to add a seat ring that is raised by 1.7 to 2.5 cm.

2. Water saving solution

You use a toilet with a wasteful flush, which is one of the reasons you have headaches every month. A tank typically uses 6L of water for each flush, which is seen as a disproportionately big amount of outflow.

To combat this waste, numerous sanitary ware manufacturers have introduced toilet models with cost-effective flushing systems with improved capabilities that help users choose the right amount of flushing water. For instance, the dual flush technology of current toilet models only costs 3L for a single flush and 5L for huge flushes.

3. Material 

Materials for toilets: Materials like porcelain, granite, natural stone, synthetic resin, stainless steel,  glass,etc all have unique properties. Porcelain, on the other hand, is the material that is used the most frequently due to its lightweight, rich color, simplicity of cleaning and hygiene, and cheaper price than other materials.

On the other hand, natural stone and glass materials are quite expensive but have significant aesthetic value and increase the level of space. Although stainless steel has the advantages of being hygienic, lightweight, and affordable, its aesthetic value is low, hence it is rarely utilized to make toilets.

Enamel layer: The majority of well-known toilet brands today use Aqua Ceramic finish, which has excellent stain resistance, gloss, and smoothness. The smooth shine may be felt with the hand and the naked eye when observing. Toilets of poor quality will have a rough, prickly feel.

In order to safeguard the health of your family and to ensure great aesthetics, durability, and simplicity of cleaning, you should purchase a toilet with a strong enamel layer.

4. Flushing systems.

A toilet product with a quick, effective flushing system is of high grade. In order to prevent toilet blockage or bacterial growth, they can aid in washing away all stains as rapidly as feasible. You won’t have to be concerned about unforeseen issues when using the toilet if the toilet flushing system is of high quality. Every time the customer uses a high-quality exhaust system, which lowers noise, they will feel more comfortable.

There are 2 types of flushing systems:

  • Pressure based: It operates on the premise that as water is pumped into the valve, air pressure will build up in the chamber, and when we press the discharge, the air pressure will be released along with the water pressure. The benefit of this discharge type is how quickly and well it cleans. The drawbacks include frequent noise generation and high expense.
  • Gravitation based: By pulling or pressing down, the tank raises the valve, allowing the water to flow downward through gravity to release the waste.

Due to the upward trend of technology, nowadays washlets become more intelligent in limiting the noise during flushing.

  • Twisting water lines: The way this type of discharge works is by discharging water via two strong nozzles in a 360-degree vortex that sweeps away and penetrates deeply into the stains it goes through. The unique quality of this exhaust system is that it ensures the fastest and most comfortable sound while being incredibly quick and strong.
  • Gmax: This straight flushing method helps to rapidly and effectively remove stains up to 5 cm in size. The drain valve cover is up to 7 cm wide, and the discharge line is 5.4 cm wide.

5. Suitable toilets for your bathroom.

Aesthetics is a toilet selection criterion that must be taken into consideration in addition to the design, size, and features. Our knowledge is that

  • Before selecting a lovely toilet, think about the décor of your bathroom.
  • What shape does the toilet have? oval, square, rectangle, round, or triangle shapes that are both visually beautiful and appropriate for the space. For a good aesthetic and functional area, you can be interested in floor-mounted, wall-mounted, monolithic, overhead, etc. 
  • the colors of the toilet. The most common toilet color is brilliant white, but there are still many manufacturers that provide incredibly delicate color options that you can choose from, like the DeMuhler brand.
  • To select a lovely, sturdy, and scratch-resistant toilet lid, pay attention to the styles of toilet lids.

6. Selecting the right toilet for the right usage.

Each product is made to accommodate various users’ needs. You should get toilets with few features if your needs are straightforward and few in number. However, if the family includes elderly, disabled, kids, or pregnant women, you might want to think about using a smart toilet with lots of contemporary features.

Some electronic toilet technologies include self-heating toilet lids, Ewater+ misting systems that clean quickly and effectively, automatic drying mechanisms, automatic faucet systems with multiple modes to ensure hygiene while in use, and automatic exhaust systems that are remarkably gentle and smooth.

7. Trusted brands

Sanitary ware companies have introduced a variety of high-quality toilet products on the market today. Some respectable companies that have gained consumer trust among them are TOTO, INAX, Grohe, DeMuhler, American Standard, and Caesar. Select the brand that is ideal for your family!

Suitable Price

Prices and price ranges will vary for each brand’s toilet line. The majority of pricing is generally extremely reasonable and roughly in line with the features and technology of the products.

  • One-piece toilets: are available for costs ranging from 5 million VND to more than 10 million VND.
  •  Two-piece toilet: With a starting price of about 1.5 million VND, this is the most affordable toilet line available right now.
  •  Wall-hung toilets: This is a line of toilets with a unique design. The cost of wall-hung toilet types is reasonable, averaging between 8 and 10 million VND.
  • Washlets: This is a high-class Inax toilet line with toilet products integrated with numerous automatic functions, products with integrated touch features, and products with contemporary electronic control of the zone. As a result, it has the greatest price among the current Inax toilet models. 20 million to hundreds of millions VND is the price range.

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