Some conditions you should avoid when installing toilets.

The bathroom is the most filthy space in the house, according to feng shui. The ancients, as a result, spaced their homes and latrines apart. The toilet and bathroom are frequently combined in homes today in order to conserve space and improve convenience. As a result, it is crucial and imperative to pay attention to the items to stay away from when setting the toilet. The placement of the toilet will have an impact on the family’s health and well-being because of all the contaminants and filth in the bathroom.

Where should you place the toilet that is suitable for your house feng shui?

We unleash our strain and stress out on the toilet. As a result, homeowners frequently pay great attention to what should be avoided when constructing and building a home. The family’s blessings are considered when installing the toilet so as not to weaken the auspicious stars. You must first decide the exact direction of the house before deciding the direction of the toilet.

South, North, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast are the directions to stay away from when positioning the toilet. Money, love, and happiness for the family will all be lost if the toilet is positioned in these ways. Because the toilet is of the Water element and the South is of the Fire element, placing it in the South causes numerous problems for family members. Additionally, avoid positioning the toilet in the northeast or north directions. Everyone in the house may experience negative health effects like kidney stones, gastrointestinal ache, etc.

For your family’s happiness and tranquility, placing the toilet in the East or Northwest is recommended by feng shui. Homeowners shouldn’t put the toilet in a clean location because it is naturally unclean. Because if they are positioned well, these stars will grow unclean and negatively impact the family’s blessing.

In conclusion, the toilet should not be placed on the side of the home, which also demonstrates that some Vietnamese people place a lot of stock in feng shui.

What should we consider when installing a toilet?

Feng shui was seen as the dominant factor, which was highly considered by most Vietnamese for centuries. In order to preserve the feng shui and aesthetic appeal of the home, it is important to place the toilet and especially the toilet in an appropriate location within the family. The following are taboos associated with using the public restroom today.

Shouldn’t put the toilet in the middle of your house.

Placing the toilet in the center of the house will have an impact on the owner’s fortune because this is frequently where the energy of heaven and earth is concentrated. The bathroom is a dirty location, and because it’s in the midst of the house, the damp, filthy air will spread to the other rooms, sickening and seriously endangering the health of your family. The lighting and ventilation in the home are also significantly impacted by the toilet’s central location. 

Shouldn’t place the toilet near the cooking areas.

The kitchen is where food is cooked, while the toilet is where bacteria build up. It compromises food safety and hygiene when items are placed close to one another, which has negative health effects. The kitchen is associated with the Fire element, the toilet with the Water element, and the Water Fire element meets to create a chaotic energy source that affects family members’ health, especially conditions related to digestion, according to feng shui.

Placing the toilet in front of primary doors and near the altar is avoided.

Keep in mind that the direction of your toilet has a significant impact on the energy source of your home, so be careful not to place it in the same direction as the main direction of your home. Going to the bathroom with your back to the street is awkward. Homeowners should heed the aforementioned advice to ensure contentment even if there is no study to back up this assertion; rather, it is simply based on generations’ worth of experience.

The restroom ought to be maintained away from the place of worship, not behind or even close by. The altar is the place for worship; if it is placed there, it will be insulting to the ancestors and those who have passed away, which is not good. The toilet is the least hygienic place in the house.

Shouldn’t place the toilet in front of the bathroom door.

This is one of the rules when building any toilet that you should follow. The owner will lose money if the toilet is positioned so that the toilet door is in line with the toilet. As a result, it is advisable to position the toilet away from or perpendicular to the toilet door. If the bathroom is small, you can move the toilet slightly so that it is farther away from the door.

Shouldn’t place the toilet right in front of the bed or close to the head of the bed. 

This type of arrangement is deemed unsuitable for feng shui. The room’s impurities and negative energy might be quite dangerous to your health. Additionally, using the restroom at night may make noise, such as hearing the water flush, which will disturb sleep and impair productivity. Long-term effects include headaches, exhaustion, and weakness brought on by sleep deprivation.

Additionally, since bathrooms are naturally dirty spaces, you shouldn’t turn the toilet into a bedroom. Makeover your bathroom into a storage room if you want to make the most of your available space.

The taboos around toilet placement generally center on the house’s direction and central location. Because according to feng shui, everyone in the family’s profession and health are directly impacted by the location and orientation of the toilet. A poorly oriented toilet can injure your family, your health, and cost you money.

In conclusion

Hopefully, the information above will assist you in selecting the toilet’s direction. Contact Muhler at if you’re unsure about which toilet to select or need guidance on how to install the best toilet for your home. This team has extensive knowledge of toilet and bathroom equipment. You will undoubtedly get eager guidance and support to help you select the best restroom. To take advantage of special offers, please contact the Muhler store as soon as possible.

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