Should we bring the whole beauty of natural life to our bathroom?

Why not?

A place filled with intriguing experiences makes you feel light and new. Design trends that promote harmony with nature and environmental preservation are becoming more and more popular.  

Inspired by the symbiotic relationship between inner peace and the splendor of nature. Because of this, the bathroom’s primary colors are brown, white, and blue. Ceramic tiles and wood covering the wall decorations create vibrant and distinctive colors. The focal point of this room is the pearl white Demuhler bathtub, which has supple and delicate curves reminiscent of a young girl’s vivacious curves.

Numerous studies have revealed a strong correlation between nature’s power to rejuvenate energy, cleanse the body, aid relieve stress, and heal the soul. The bathroom is not only a place to assist you shower and wash away filth after a hard day, but now also a private spa at home, providing a sense of relaxation and total rest.

What could be better than living surrounded by green plants and flowers? Ignore everything, softly immerse yourself in a bath of chilly, menthol-scented water, and then close your eyes to feel the gentle touch of nature on your bare skin. Touch becomes an unending sublimation.

We appreciate simplicity in colors as well as textures. To create a distinctive experience with personal flair, we instead make the most of a green garden backdrop and natural light that can vary tones with the time of day and season.

Nowadays, due to the upward trend of society, the bathroom’s design was the dominant factor that we determined on. 

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